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Header Option

Every website nowadays has somewhat a decent looking header that has good appeal in-terms of both design and usability. Justifying this modern trend, we have introduced a total of 5 layout options for your WordPress website.

Changing the Design #

We have provided multiple header options for your website. These can be changed on the customizer side of your site. A customizer is a place where you can easily change the design of a website or page in WordPress.

How to access the Customizer? #

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Hover on the Appearance option.
  3. Click the Customize option from the list.
    You will be directed to the customizer.

Discovering amazing header options #

You will find multiple options on the Customizer section. Go to the ‘Header Options‘ to access all the necessary settings.

Understanding Header Options #

Sticky Menu #

We provide an option to stick the header on your WordPress website such that it remains constant all over the site. This helps your visitors reach out to the basic navigation as quickly as possible.

Header Layout #

You can choose the layout of your header through this option. There is 5 layout option you can work with. These layouts were made taking the modern design trends in mind. The layout will change as soon as you select one. Yes, it is this simple!

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