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Simple Press Pro is the premium version of Simple Press. With this theme, you can get multiple header options to choose from the customizer, 600+ Google Fonts, Unlimited Color Options, Sticky Menu, Premium Support, and many more.

Simple Press is as its name suggests, simple. Do you love simple themes with all the necessary features that a WordPress blog needs and no clutter, Simple Press is made for you. This theme is simple, fast, lightweight, and Robust at the same time. You can customize this website from a customizer easily, you can change the width of the website, change blog layouts to grid view, masonry view, and list view. There are multiple single-page layouts that you can choose as you need for your post, post with/without sidebar, and with/without thumbnail. You will also get an option to choose the thumbnail size for your home and archive which can reduce the speed of the website tremendously.

Simple Press is best for bloggers, writers, business blogs, lifestyle blogs, travelers, adventure blogs, travel blogs, food blogging, personal portfolios, and more.

Built with Customizer with hassle-free and powerful options that allow you to easily create a professional blog without writing a single line of code. If you are starting a new blog or already have one and looking for a switch, start using Simple Press.
Available Layouts

With Simple Press, you will be able to achieve following layouts. You will get plenty of layouts option that you can easily customize directly from the customizer.

1. Color Variation

With Simple Press Pro, you can use your creativity at best. You can change the entire website color directly from the customizer without extra lines of code. Some layouts that you can achieve:

2. Homepage & Archive

You will get the layout option to pick and switch directly from the customizer. You can display the home page or archive page with list view, grid view, full-width view, and with/without sidebar view.

3. Article/Single Pages

Choose from default, full width, classic with sidebar, and more single post styles to make your posts stand out. You can choose whether you want to display your breadcrumb, featured image, author info, related post in your article/single pages.

Responsive/Mobile Friendly Design

You will get a website that looks great on any screen from desktop to mobile hand-held devices. Our theme is tested on all kinds of devices and browser sizes.

You can test in our demo.

Sidebar and Footer Widgets

You can add and manage the widgets you require to add tons of features without compromising the design of the theme.

Page Builder Compatible

Our theme is fully compatible with all the popular Page Builders. You can create new pages or blog posts using the new block editor which works perfectly with our theme. Additionally, you can use our theme for any page builders for creating Header, Footer and Blog as well.

Site Logo

You can upload your custom logo without worrying about its size. The built-in logo size control will allow you to adjust the logo size easily. Don’t worry if you don’t have a logo, you can simply write a text and pick any Google fonts from 1000+ options and unlimited color options.

Header Options

We have multiple header options pre-designed. The Pro version users will get 5 different header options that give unique look to the entire website.

Powerful Option Panel

This theme comes with a detailed Theme Settings Panel that allows you to easily fine-tune your blog without writing a single line of code. Our Customizer is a powerful tool that displays any visual changes as they are being made.

Multiple Blog Layouts

Once you create a beautiful homepage, you would also want different blog pages to make it relevant to the content. With our theme you will get different blog layouts: fullwidth, left-side, right-sidebar and default.

Google Fonts Option

You will get 600+ Google Fonts while using Pro theme. You can choose the desired fonts to change the visual aesthetic factor of your website completely. The font library is regularly updated, giving you access to more and more font options over time.

Unlimited Colors

The Pro version of our theme gives you unlimited color options to meet your branding needs. You can set up a custom color palette for your website from the customizer.

Editable Footer Copyright

The theme comes with a handy Footer Copyright Editor that allows you to add and edit your copyright information easily.

Flexible Container Width

We have given an option to control the width of the container from the customizer itself. You can define container width yourself depending on nature of your blog.

Thumbnail Image Size Selector

This is one of the most important features that is needed for a blogger who cares about quality, speed, and SEO. You will get an option to choose wherever you want to display thumbnail, medium, large or full image in the blog snippet.

Single Page/Post Layouts

You can display your blog post, article, pages in different page layouts. You will get an options to show them in fullwidth view, container width view, content with left-sidebar, content with right-sidebar, without thumbnail and more. You will get an option to choose different for different articles.

Show/Hide Feature Image in Blog Post

We have considered our theme for the cases where you will need to hide featured image in all the blog post at once. You can disable/enable the feature image in individual pages/post as well as all at once from the customizer.

Post Excerpt Size Controller

By default, the post excerpt is displayed by extracting content from the post content page. We are giving an option where you can easily define the number of words you wish to show in an excerpt directly from the customizer.

In-built Social Media Sharing Option

You will get a social media sharing option right below your blog post as well as a snippet view. Your users can easily share your post right from the home page and archive pages too. This option can be disabled from customizer if you wish to.

Sticky Sidebar Widget

If you have long blog post then this feature can come handy to display the sidebar with advertisement while they are reading your blog, The sidebar will remain sticky while making the post scroll. You can disable this feature if you want focus on distraction free content for your user.

Author Box

The Author Bio a section to display your photo, personal signature, CTA buttons, and even your social media links below each blog post. This feature can be enabled and disabled if required.

Author Widget

Along with theme, you will get a widget through which will show the author bio in sidebar and footer widget. You can display your display your photo, personal signature, CTA buttons, and even your social media links below each blog post.

Instagram Widget

Our theme is also compatible with the Instagram widget. You can use the Instagram widget to display your images from your Instagram account.

Related post below the Article

Hook your article readers by giving them recommended article to read next after finishing reading the one article. This will be showed right below each article. You can enable/disable this in all pages if you wish to.

Child Theme Ready

If you are a developer who wants to make changes to the theme, we have it covered for you. You can create a child theme of this theme so that your cutomization don’t break when we push an update. Our theme is built in a way that it can be easily compatible with the child theme.

Back to Top Button

A small but important feature needed in a blog. While your visitor of your website is reading long article, they can easily scroll to top with just click of a button on bottom right.

Dark Mode Toggle

Every reader has different requirements when it comes to browsing a website. Dark mode is definitely a preference of most of the readers of your blog. With our theme one can easily toggle – light and dark mode as their preference.

Custom CSS

You can write the custom CSS to overwrite the default settings of the theme. This feature is best fit if you are a developer who want to make changes to the theme.

Additional Features


Go to Customizer > Footer Options. There you can add your own footer copyright text.

You will get more than 800+ font option only in Simple Press Pro.

Yes, you can change the color of your website. Go to Customizer > Color & Fonts and then you can start customizing color.

You can always post your question in the open support forum: As you are the premium users, we can directly send the support query from your dashboard or write to us from support.

No, absolutely no. Your data won’t be loss in any form if you switch from any themes or our free theme to Simple Press Pro.