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Colors and Fonts

Colors and fonts are some of the key design elements of your WordPress website. It reflects the impact your site has intended through the content, usage, and service. We provide a variety of color and font optimization in terms of Font and Colors.

Changing Colours and Fonts #

You can find the option to edit/change Colours and Fonts from the Customizer of your WordPress website. A customizer is a place where you can easily change the design of a website or page in WordPress.

How to access the Customizer? #

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Hover on the Appearance option.
  3. Click the Customize option from the list.
    You will be directed to the customizer.

Accessing the Colours and Fonts #

You will find multiple options on the Customizer section. Go to the ‘Color & Fonts‘ to access all the necessary settings.

Understanding Color Options #

You can select and choose any colors from the option under the name of the respective section. Example: To change the Primary color of the site, click on the select color option under the Primary Color option. You can now pick the appropriate color or paste a code to change it.

Now you can do same with other options and change accordingly. Don’t worry, we have labelled all the options properly.

Understanding Font Options #

You will be able to choose multiple options for the font of your WordPress website. We have provided a lot of font options for almost all the text on your WordPress website.

  • Line Height: Changes the height of a single line in respect to another line within a single paragraph.
  • Font Family: Font family will change the Font face on your website.
  • Font Size: You can change the size of the font from this option.
  • Font Weight: Changes the overall weight of your font ranging from 100 to 900.

Apart from this, you can choose the font size for all the headings you will be using on your site while crafting amazing content.

Similarly, you can change necessary items from the list to create a good-looking attractive website.

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